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I'm dating a demon :2P america X shy reader (ch 2)

"Oww! Hey, that hurts!" You complained as you friend was violently tugging on your hair with a hairbrush.

"Hold still __! You've got a date after all! I looked up the address on the piece of paper he gave you and that place is pretty fancy," she said while tying your hair together with a ribbon.

"YOU ACT AS IF IT'S A GOOD THING!!!" You whined.

"If you really didn't want to I know you would have found a way to turn him down," your friend said.

"He was still holding the bat (BFF/N)," you huffed.

"Well... At least he's handsome right?" She said sheepishly.

You thought about that for a moment. He was tall, strong, and he did have a handsome face. If only he'd smile more often, not his creepy 'I'll-beat-your-brains-out-smirk but a real smile.

"*sigh* I guess," you mumbled.

"See!" She exclaimed victoriously. She finally released your hair from her iron hold.

Your friend finally released your hair and allowed you to look in the mirror.
With your hair up, your friend's (f/c) dress and the beautiful necklace with matching earrings your mother had gotten you from france, you had to admit you looked pretty sexy for a change.

“just one more thing,” your friend said in a tone you knew all too well. It was the tone she used right before something unpleasant would happen. The tone she used when she warned you about Allen the day before.

'oh, god what now?' you thought

You turned around to see her standing there with her make-up pouch ready and that was when hell broke loose.

~30 seconds later~

“I'M NOT LETTING YOU PUT THAT ON ME!!!” you yelled as she chased you around the house.

“COME ON! JUST A LITTLE WON'T KILL YOU!!!” she yelled back.

~10 minutes later~

you and your friend had compromised and now you were wearing mascara and just a bit of sparkle around your eyes (you knew those sparkles would eventually end on your cheeks and not get off for another week but it was better than the metallic blue your friend had intended to use)

you looked yourself over in the mirror once more, if this date was going to happen at least you'd look pretty.

You heard a car stop in front of the apartment complex your friend lived in and your friend jumped up.

“that's your cab. Time to go,” when she said time to go you felt like she was talking about your death sentence.

~time skips are fun! Let's do another one! 10 minutes!~

You felt your stomach do backflips as you sat in that cab. You stared out the window and nervously fidgeted with the heart shaped pendant on your necklace.

When the cab stopped and you got out you felt shivers run down your spine despite the warm summer night.

You looked at the restaurant you'd been invited to. Your friend said it was fancy but this was far beyond your expectations.

It was a large victorian style building that was painted white in such a way it looked like the entire place was build from marble. There was a large fountain in front of it that was painted in the same way with golden spotlights pointing at the beautiful statue on top. You'd seen the women the statue was modeled after in history class. It was aphrodite, the greek goddess of love, standing in her sea-shell with a small cupid by her side.

“hey, babe,” Allen said, while putting his hands on your hips from behind you.

“h-hi, Allen,” you said, feeling more than a little surprised with both the restaurant and the way he snuck up on yo- WOW, he looked great in a suit!

Allen was dressed in a black suit with a black tie and he had his hair slicked back with a few strands “accidentally” being left out. He smirked, revealing the missing tooth in the back of his mouth.

“you can just call me Al ya know. Anyway, glad you're here, babe. I almost thought ya wouldn't show up,” he said.

“yeah...” you replied blankly, fidgeting with your necklace again.

Allen placed one hand on your hip again and guided you inside, where a waiter in a fancy penguin suit, and the kind of blank yet arrogant face that secretly made you want stab through his foot with the annoying high-heels you were wearing, showed you to your table.

He moved the chair for you and for a moment you wondered what sort of weird gentlemanly creature was possessing him.

You noticed Allen look outside, where there was a beautiful little pond with small lights decorating the line where the water turned to a thin strip of lawn before the trees obscured any further view.

“something wrong?” you asked quietly.

“I thought I saw someone. I guess it was just me,” he answered.

A minute later the waiter showed up again and handed you both the menu and he was gone just as quickly. After a while a waitress came to take your order, this lady seemed a lot nicer than the guy from before, she had a kind smile and dark brown hair that was just a bit to long.

Allen gave the girl your order, much to your surprise the violent and intimidating american was a vegetarian. He said that it wasn't really because he cared for animals that much but the idea of eating something that was alive was just gross.

“but you do like animals?” you asked, desperate to find something to talk about.

“yeah, my brother used to have a pet polar bear,” he said.

“a pet poler bear?” you repeated in disbelief.
“yeah, I still have the bite-marks to prove it,” Al answered.

“no, thank you, I don't need to see that,” you said hastily, while you couldn't keep your mind from wondering where those marks would be.

Al just chuckled and quietly placed his hand over yours. You sat the next few minutes in comfortable silence until the annoying waiter showed up again with your drinks.

“if we were not on a date I'd shove the nailed end of my bat up that guy's ass,” Al muttered after he'd left.

“be my guest,” you said. Al turned to you in surprise.

“he's a jerk, you said it yourself!” you quickly tried to justify yourself.

“yeah, you're right, babe. Too bad my bat's in the car,” he said, actually taking you seriously.

After that neither of you really knew what to say so you just tried to find a way to break the silence, which was growing awkward.

“so~” Al beat you to it and spoke up “have you ever dated anyone else?” he asked bluntly.

“w-wha?” you stuttered.

“have any experience with guys or what?” he asked again.

You blushed and looked outside, trying to think of a answer.

“no, not really.” you answered eventually.

“not really? Tell me everything, babe,” he said firmly.

“I've only ever kissed a guy when I was a little kid, to act mature but it was just a small peck on the lips. I've gone out with one or two guys in middle school but I never even kissed them and I doubt I can even recall their names,” you explained quickly.

“and in highschool?” he asked, he still had an intimidating aura over him.

“I thought the guys there would be more mature, but I guess I was wrong. The only guys who ever talked to me were either perverts or some jerk had challenged them to date the weird ugly girl,” you said. Thinking about this made you a little sad because most other girls at school already had boyfriends and were taking the pill.

“don't say that, babe!!! you're FRUKing gorgeous! If any of those jerks come near you ever again I'll beat them to pulp!” he said, drawing a lot more attention to your table than preferable.

“AAWWW~” all the people in the restaurant said.

“that's so cute,” the brown haired waitress from earlier said “but could you please refrain from swearing while you're here, sir?” she asked politely. You looked down at your lap and tried to make yourself as small as you could without looking stupid.

“yeah, whatever. You sound like my old man,” Al said

“can I get you anything else?” she asked.

“no thanks, we're good,” Al said and the waitress walked away and the people in the restaurant turned back to their food and previous conversations.

You decided not to question wether it was legal that he was ordering alcohol (at least you were quite sure it had alcohol in it) and ate your dinner while listening to Allen talking about lots of things and nothing at all. He told you about when he got the piercing in his tongue, about how he ended up hanging out with the other adversaries, about about his (t)rusty nailed bat.

After dinner the waitress gave you the bill and Al insisted on paying for both of you. You put your coat on and walked out into the parking lot and decided hailing a cab would probably be quicker than calling one.

“where are you going?” Al asked, snaking his arm around your waist again.

“I was going to get a cab,” you answered.

“no way. I'll take you home,” he said.

“u-uhm no... that's fine... really,” you said, not feeling very comfortable about being alone in a car with a potential killer/rapist.

“there's lots of weirdos out there at night ___. you're mine and I'm not gonna risk anyone else touching you. I'll take you home. Where do you live?” he said.

You thought it was sweet that he cared for you but you were also quite sure that a random cab driver would be less likely to try something funny than him.
You gave him your friend's address since you promised her you'd be staying with her tonight, so you could go on your date and come home late with no questions asked. (your sister would probably put up a full scale interrogation if you stayed out late).

You stared out the window while your stomach was once again doing backflips.

“you okay?” Al asked. You were surprised he noticed, let alone cared, but even more surprised that he placed his hand over yours, which just so happened to be on your upper thigh.

“please keep your eyes on the road,” you said.

“I am,” he said defensively.

“no, you're not you were looking at me,” you countered.

“yes... but you're asking for it,” he said, looking at you again.

“how am I asking for it?” you asked.

“do you have any idea how FRUKing cute you look when you're staring like that? You're just begging to be looked at, babe. You're beautiful, but ya look a little worried,” he said, softly rubbing your thigh in small circles.

“I-I guess I'm just nervous,” you admitted honestly.

“I don't bite, babe... honest,” he said.

You were about to say something back when he pulled over and the words were swept from your mind.

“w-... why'd you pull over...?” you asked nervously. Al chuckled and turned to you.

“I'm gonna drag you out of the car by your hair, rape you, kill you, and leave you out here in the middle of nowhere,” he said in a tone as if he was presenting the weather.

“oh...god...” you mumbled.
I think this chapter was pretty boring, I left you with a vague cliffhanger because I was tired of this chapter really. I got some comments saying people were looking forward to seeing how Al and reader-chan's dat would turn out but I think I'm definitely disappointing them with this.

the next chapter will be better (I hope):…
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I know right reader-chan...

FABULOUS(!!!) story by the way. 
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"“don't say that, babe!!! you're FRUKing gorgeous! If any of those jerks come near you ever again I'll beat them to pulp!” he said, drawing a lot more attention to your table than preferable. "
"you're FRUKing gorgeous! If any of those jerks come near you ever again I'll beat them to pulp!” he said, drawing a lot more attention to your table than preferable."
"you're FRUKing gorgeous!"
:iconiloveyouplz: That is genius I can't :iconcannotevenplz: ;w; I love this story
link2008 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013
Dat ending! Oh my god I can picture him saying that it sort of made me giggle but fear for her life xD but imagine the look if its just a tease to scare her lol awesome chapter can't wait for next chapter!!
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“I'm gonna drag you out of the car by your hair, rape you, kill you, and leave you out here in the middle of nowhere,” he said in a tone as if he was presenting the weather.

Definitely the BEST line EVER!!! lmao! (I knew he was going to do something psycho, every fanfic about the 2ps does that)
Also, I KNEW you were modeling Allen after Shadzu's 2P America~! She's freaking awesome! X3
HETALunatic Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Student Writer
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